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Why do we write? The lonely process of writing.

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

By Melanie Bokstad Horev

The creative process is a tricky one. Why do we write? Rarely we write only for ourselves, mostly we want to tell a story and share that story with others. Some people do write just for themselves, but I don't know many that do. The writing process in quite a unique journey of solitude. We immerse ourselves in the story and in the characters and forget for a moment the reality of the lonely process. We are so occupied with our characters that it can seem like we are not in it alone, but in truth we are.

I usually share my plot and thoughts with my husband and perhaps my kids. In this way I feel less alone and this helps me when I experience writers block. What do you think the main character loves for breakfast? Is she a coffee or tea person? Should the story take place in fall or spring? Small but important questions that sometimes an outsider can answer better, since they are seeing the story as a whole, while you are knit-picking in your creative corner. That being said, when you are on a roll you roll with it and meet the waves high in form of just choosing what sounds right in your head at that moment. Editing is for later.

After a while of writing the late nights don't seem so late anymore because you are in your story and in your head. My evening writing starts after I put the kids to sleep, usually after nine, sometimes later. I make myself tea and take some chocolate to the couch with my laptop. Even though this could be a deadly cocktail for the couch, I smoothly get started writing like this. Before I know it the clock is closing on on midnight and I still have bouts of adrenaline from being excited about some heist or a revelation to the future audience that they did not see coming. The story is what keeps me excited and keep me going. I hope to share it someday. Do you also find it lonely to write sometimes? Let me know.

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