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YA Gotta Read This: Why Young Adult Literature is for Everyone

When it comes to literature, we often hear about the great classics, the award-winning novels, and the acclaimed bestsellers. But what about young adult literature? Many people assume that young adult books are only for teenagers, but the truth is that they have a broad appeal to people of all ages, especially adults. In fact, a study conducted by Bowker found that over 55% of young adult books are

purchased by adults. Here are some reasons why many adults love to read young adult literature:

  1. Escapism Life can be stressful, and sometimes we just need to escape from reality for a while. Young adult literature offers a world of adventure, magic, and wonder that can take us away from our everyday lives. Whether it’s a dystopian future, a magical kingdom, or a high school romance, young adult books can transport us to another world and help us forget our worries.

  2. Nostalgia For many adults, reading young adult literature can be a way to revisit their teenage years. These books can bring back memories of high school crushes, first loves, and the challenges of growing up. It can be comforting to read about characters who are going through the same struggles that we went through and to see how they handle them.

  3. Relatable Characters Young adult books often feature characters who are dealing with issues that are relevant to people of all ages. From self-discovery to mental health struggles, these books can offer insights into the human condition and help us understand ourselves and others better. The characters are often complex and multidimensional, making them relatable and engaging.

  4. Quick Reads Let’s face it, life can be busy and finding time to read can be a challenge. Young adult books are often shorter and easier to read than adult books, making them a great option for those who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to reading. Plus, the fast-paced plots and engaging characters can make it hard to put the book down, so you can finish it in no time.

  5. Good Writing Just because a book is marketed towards young adults doesn’t mean that it’s not well-written. In fact, many young adult books are beautifully crafted, with compelling plots, vivid descriptions, and memorable characters. Plus, young adult authors often tackle complex themes and issues with a fresh and engaging perspective, making for a thought-provoking read.

In conclusion, young adult literature is not just for teenagers. Adults of all ages can enjoy the escapism, relatable characters, and good writing that these books have to offer. So why not give a young adult book a try? You never know, it may become your new favorite genre!

Do you read YA? I sure do. Mazerunner, Ender's game, Hunger games, The selection, The Grishaverse, you name it I read it.

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