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The Architect

A young adult dystopian novel


On their eighteenth birthday, every young person in the Republic of Novatech goes through The Binding. It's a day when their consciousness is irrevocably tethered to The
Architect, the all-powerful AI governing their society. For Alex, this day marks the beginning of a new life, one where her every move is watched and controlled for the greater good. This binding, in turn,  empowers her to actively contribute to the welfare of society.

But when she stumbles upon a hidden message from her late Uncle, doctor Timothy Trent, a world of secrets emerges.

With her friends Maya and Kai, she embarks on a journey for truth. As they unravel the Architect's dark secrets, they stand on the brink of rebellion against a society built on lies. Will they survive the labyrinth of lies, or become pawns in the Architect's game? Who can Alex really trust?

In a post-apocalyptic world of scorching days and freezing nights, the feisty Nour and her younger brother, Malik, navigate a treacherous desert. They face threats from two opposing forces: the Day Blazers, relentless beings evolved for sunlight, and the Night Dwellers, creatures adapted to darkness.

Nour and Malik are unique Duets, capable of surviving both day and night, a rarity in this unforgiving landscape. Scarred by the loss of their family, they've learned to trust no one.

But when the death of Synthese, the only person they have a connection to, sets off a chain of events, Nour faces moral dilemmas and choices that challenge her resolve.

Twilight Divide


The Female Breeders
Book One in the Female Saga



In a near-future all-female controlled world, the brilliant blunt scientist Neen Salvek uncovers an unsettling truth about the usage of males as breeding stock, leading her on a path of discovery toward the true agenda of the self-proclaimed leader of the propaganda-driven society.

Ebook - The Female Breeders.jpg

"  (...) The author outdid herself with this novel, which is both entertaining and thought-provoking."  Readers' Favorite ★★★★★

The Female Uprising

Book Two and final in The Female Saga

In Herria’s new All-Clan EVE, women still rule with an iron fist. "The Female Uprising" concludes the Female Saga with a stirring battle for equality and freedom.

The Female Uprising.jpeg

Deep Blue Colony Series - Book One


In a near-future, where the last surviving humans live in a colony hundreds of feet below the ocean’s surface, the mysterious death of the colony president unleashes an unforeseen chain of events for her grandson Ryler, that leads to a cataclysmic disaster for the colony inhabitants.



Deep Blue Colony Series - Book Two


In a hidden woodland refuge, Ryler, Anna, and their allies face a fateful decision when a cryptic message disrupts their fragile existence, leading them to confront an enigmatic enemy.

Revelation (1).png


Deep Blue Colony Series - Book Three


Ryler, Anna, and their resilient allies venture into the heart of the big city, leaving behind an unprotected sanctuary on the island. Uncovering additional shocking truths is more than Ryler bargained for. Is it worth it anymore?

Blaze of Anger

Book One in the Anger Series

In the divided world of Eden 4023, anger is illegal, hidden, and suppressed. Doctor Tanger, the new hunter of angry people, is struggling to cope with the loss of a boy who changed his life. With the help of an orphan girl, Dancer, Tanger embarks on a journey of self-discovery that uncovers secrets about his past, the world he lives in, and the unexpected places where anger blazes. 

"With a fast-paced narrative and a plot full of curveballs, Melanie Bokstad Horev weaves a captivating story that will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. The world-building here is simply phenomenal." - Reader's Favorite ★★★★★


Blaze of Anger.jpg

Dance of Anger

Book Two in the Anger Series

Dancer, now a determined teenager,  senses trouble brewing within the Dome. Small acts of sabotage rattle the fragile peace within the Dome, threatening to unravel the harmony they've worked so hard to achieve.


Bolt of Anger

Book Three in the Anger Series

In the twisted aftermath of a world gone astray, Bolt Blaze races against the shadows to make his own destiny and not what society wants from him.

An intergalactic connection between Gio Hart and a mysterious Earth spaceship threatens to shatter the fragile equilibrium of Hartland. And who are Eric and Maxim, and what agenda do they carry from their distant home on Earth?

With the obliteration of the Silvers, the promise of peace is evident, but does the army of angry clones threaten to plunge everything back into chaos?

Join Bolt, Gio, Dancer, Tanger, and Rita Hart in the conclusion of the Anger Series, 'Bolt of Anger'. In this final chapter, the very fabric of good and evil will be stretched to its limits, testing the resilience of heroes as they stand on the precipice of destiny.

Bolt of Anger_ebook cover 1600x2560.jpeg
The Secrets of a dying exoplaet.png

The Secrets of a Dying Exoplanet 
Expected release date: June, 2024

When the secrets of the dying planet unravel for Fetar and his two daughters the struggle for escape becomes a fight to stay alive.

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