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How we spend our time. Are we wasting it?

So there has been something on my mind lately. It's about how we structure our day and our precious time. The minutes, the hours, the days, and the whole week. Our whole life basically. Do you ever ponder?

I think what bothers me the most is the lack of time in a day. A non-particular Tuesday for example. In a twenty-four-hour span, how much is really left for ourselves on that non-special Tuesday? After a long day at work, pickups, dropoffs, and dishes are finally done, the kids are asleep, the laundry is folded and the chocolate is eaten. That is when I sit down. Finally. And it's freaking 9 o'clock, my eyelids are heavy-ass elephants trying to persuade my limbs to go to sleep.

I make a cup of tea and reluctantly stagger towards the couch, but I don't sit down. yet.

What do I do? I'll tell you in a minute.

The question I am asking (you?) now, is what should I do with my time? Should I listen to my body and go to sleep? God knows it wants to. Should I fulfill my hobby and write some pages of my new sci-fi book taking place on a dying planet at the outer rims of the galaxy? (I get all jiggy just thinking about it). Should I read the newly acquired book that my husband ordered for me? ('Sand' by Hugh Howey). Should I go up and watch TV with my oldest in bed because I can, and I've missed her all day?

What should I do with those precious 60 minutes or less? (depending on the laundry load).

Now I promised to tell you what I did. On that particular evening (well that was tonight), I wiped cookie crumbs off the sticky floor for about five to seven minutes, loaded the foul-smelling shoes into our closet, and turned on the Christmas lights on our tree. After that, I wrote this blog post. My daughter did come down, and she fell asleep on my lap in some heavenly bliss (for me).

Now I am going to brush my teeth. Was that an evening well spent? I don't know, and I'll probably never know.

Do you also feel like your time is so precious and when you get it you have no idea how to spend it optimally? Please let me know if so. Until then, goodnight, and welcome to another game of chase-the-time which will start tomorrow around nine pm.

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