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Melanie Bokstad Horev

Author of 'The Female Breeders' and other books.

Writer of books - lover of sports, space, and science.


Melanie has consistently been enthusiastic about great stories, but she never got around to writing them down. She finally found time and is currently writing books in her favorite genre of (dystopian) sci-fi.

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On their eighteenth birthday, every young person in the Republic of Novatech goes through The Binding. It's a day when their consciousness is irrevocably tethered to The
Architect, the all-powerful AI governing their society. For Alex, this day marks the beginning of a new life, one where her every move is watched and controlled for the greater good. This binding, in turn,  empowers her to actively contribute to the welfare of society.

But when she stumbles upon a hidden message from her late Uncle, doctor Timothy Trent, a world of secrets emerges.

With her friends Maya and Kai, she embarks on a journey for truth. As they unravel the Architect's dark secrets, they stand on the brink of rebellion against a society built on lies. Will they survive the labyrinth of lies, or become pawns in the Architect's game? Who can Alex really trust?

The Architect
A Young Adult Dystopian novel


In a post-apocalyptic world of scorching days and freezing nights, the feisty Nour and her younger brother, Malik, navigate a treacherous desert. They face threats from two opposing forces: the Day Blazers, relentless beings evolved for sunlight, and the Night Dwellers, creatures adapted to darkness.

Nour and Malik are unique Duets, capable of surviving both day and night, a rarity in this unforgiving landscape. Scarred by the loss of their family, they've learned to trust no one.

But when the death of Synthese, the only person they have a connection to, sets off a chain of events, Nour faces moral dilemmas and choices that challenge her resolve.

Twilight Divide

The Female Breeders
a Dystopian Novel

In a near-future all-female controlled world, the brilliant blunt scientist Neen Salvek uncovers an unsettling truth about the usage of males as breeding stock, leading her on a path of discovery toward the true agenda of the self-proclaimed leader of the propaganda-driven society.


"(...)The author outdid herself with this novel which is both entertaining and thought-provoking." Readers' Favorite ★★★★★
If you liked The Power by N. Alderman and The Handmaid's Tale by M. Atwood, you won't be disappointed.



In a near-future, where the last surviving humans live in a colony hundreds of feet below the ocean’s surface, the mysterious death of the colony president unleashes an unforeseen chain of events for her grandson Ryler, that leads to a cataclysmic disaster for the colony inhabitants.


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"Ideas are cheap, it is only what you do with them that counts"

Isaac Asimov

About Melanie B. Horev

Melanie has a doctorate in molecular cell biology. She has an unpreceded passion for storytelling, reading, space, travel, and sports. Besides being a fierce scientist she loves immersing herself in a good plot with some tea and chocolate.

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